The world is changing.

How we learn, shop, entertain, and lead is evolving.

Emilie can help you see the people in your organization in a unique way that will help you bridge the gap from old and new, then and now, getting by and enjoying success.

Leadership and cultural development is NOT one-size fits all. 


It has been a month since you did the goal worksheet with me. I wanted to let you know I achieved one of my goals! I don’t get to celebrate it until January, but wanted to say thanks for getting me focused.

Amy O'Neal, Eastland Suites

Managing people is challenging to say the least. Emilie has helped me discover what kind of leader I am naturally, and the areas I need to grow to be more effective. These are skills that I am learning and the results are showing. Leading my staff is becoming more fun and productive

Rob St. Clair, Cabinetland

After attending a ‘Principles of High Performance Leadership’ series with Emilie, I learned how to communicate my passion and VISION through my work. Emilie’s communication style is an easy-to-understand. She is very knowledgeable and a leader in her field. I would highly recommend working with Emilie to anyone!

Penny Riddle, Family Vision Enterprises
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On December 2, we hosted the 3rd Annual Shoop Shift Leadership awards luncheon.  I had such a great time recognizing each of the amazing leaders, and hearing their valuable tips and insights.

With today’s competitive market it is no longer about cutting costs to get ahead, it is about being really connected to those we work with and for. These awards recognize leaders that exemplify great people skills in six critical areas of leadership success.  READ MORE

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