2016 Shoop Shift Leadership Award Winners

Congratulations 2016 Shoop Shift Leadership Awardees

  • CLARITY – Kevin Richardson, P.A.T.H. Crisis 211
    • Nick Moran, Commerce Bank
  • CONNECTION – Robert Bosquez, West Bloomington Revitalization Project
    • Tara Desmond, IPI Wealth Management
  • COMMUNICATION – Ruben West, Ruben West Speaks
    • Toni Tucker, Illinois State University
  • COACHING – Mark DeKeersgieter, CIRBN
    • Kristi Zimmerman, COUNTRY Financial
  • CONFLICT – Amanda Gillum, Fort Jesse Imaging Center
    • Melissa Martinez, State Farm
  • CULTURE – Mary Bennett Henrichs, Integrity Technology Solutions
    • Dana Vogelmeier, State Farm

One award is given to a small organization recipient, and one to a large organization recipient.


Come and join us in celebrating their efforts on the most important asset to any organization, the people.

When I started this awards series four years ago, I wanted it to be a little bit different.  So many times I have been to events and have seen amazing people receive prestigious awards, only to watch them get their picture taken.  I always wanted something more, to hear a few remarks, thoughts, words of wisdom from that person.

That’s what you will find at the Shoop Shift Leadership Awards.  Each recipient will have an opportunity to share a few thoughts on the importance of great people skills in leadership.  It is very inspirational and a great boost to our leadership development.

We would love for you to come and join us on November 16, 2016!

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