3 Ways You Can Build Trust At Work

Build Trust At Work

We all know how very fragile trust is. It can be broken with thoughtless acts out of frustration or fear. It can be broken with the simplest of mistakes. It can be broken even by accident.

How do you approach trust?

I’ve come to see that there are two different types of people…those who trust first and you have to work to not lose that trust, and those who don’t trust and you have to work to earn that trust. I am a person who trusts first. Neither is right or wrong, but it can make a difference in how you build relationships with those you work with.

From my experiences, a lot of the same actions work with both types, it’s just how the information is relayed. If I trust first, I will watch to make sure your actions match your words. As soon as they don’t, it will start to chip away at the trust I have for you. Think of it as having a bank full of money, each negative action takes a little money out until all the trust is gone.

If you have to work to earn my trust, I will watch to make sure your actions match your words. The more they do match, the more trust I will have for you. Think of it as starting out with an empty bank. Every positive action adds to the bank until I completely trust you.

You’ll notice, it’s the same actions, just different ways of building trust.

Unfortunately…or fortunately depending on how you look at it… you can’t make someone trust you. The only thing you can do when it comes to trust is work on yourself. So today I thought it would be helpful to share how you can build trust at work.

3 Ways You Can Build Trust At Work

  1. Share information as much as possible. And be sure to let people know when you don’t have any more information. If people think you are keeping something from them, it is unsettling. I always advise to error on the side of too much information.
  2. Follow through on commitments, or don’t make them. If you can’t make it to a meeting, or will be late, let people know. If you can’t finish a project or participate in an activity, let people know. It looks much better on your part if you know your limits, than committing yourself and being a no-show.
  3. Pay attention to the human-side of work. People are people and want to be treated as such. If you make a mistake, admit it. If someone else makes a mistake, acknowledge it and move on.

These 3 tips can be implemented without adding to your workload every day. I know you are busy and are constantly asked to do more with less. But, if you take just a few minutes a day to work these into your routine, you will start to build even more trust with those around you. The more people trust you, the more engaged they are in the work they do with and for you!

What are your thoughts?  Comment below, I want to know!


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