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This $149 course is now yours for FREE!Time Leadership

Join me for 7 days to Unlock the Code to Getting Things Done!

If You Are Tired of Not Having Enough Time To Get Anything Done, Then Keep Reading Because You can Become a Time Leader That is Off That Hamster Wheel For Good!

  • Do you often feel that there is not enough time to get everything done?
  • Do you end your day with a feeling that all you did was add to your task list?
  • Do you avoid certain tasks because you just feel lost?
  • Do you often forget important meetings or things you wanted to get done?
  • Do you find that you don’t have time to learn or grow?

The 7-Day Personal Productivity Jump-Start is a Video Learning Course that will take you step by step through some of the basics of Personal Productivity. It will show you how to…

  • Press pause and look at how you are spending your time
  • Honestly evaluate your time wasters
  • Learn to eliminate time wasters effortlessly
  • Learn how to use your VISION to determine your priorities
  • Increase your satisfaction with how you are spending your time.

Every day Emilie will show up in your inbox with a special link back to a video for viewing. In 8-12 minutes per day, for 7 days, you’ll  learn simple step by step processes that will get you off that hamster

This course was recently taught locally to clients who were AMAZED at how easy it made getting un-stuck from their daily grind.  Emilie helped one client figure out how to free up 5 HOURS A WEEK by making a small adjustment to her daily routines.  Another client was able to find a sticking spot in her schedule where she was the bottle-neck for others who wanted to do work FOR HER.  Emilie guided another client to the realization that he was wasting several hours a day, almost every day!

While Emilie could have sold it for $ 149 or more…. she’s giving it to you for free. The competition wants her to sell it to you…… but her heart is to give first! So grab your gift…. and pass this page onto your
friends and co-workers!

This course will help you!

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