How to Boost Employee Engagement

There are staggering statistics about a lack of employee engagement in the US.  It’s really scary to think that so many people are not happy at work.  So many people are only doing just enough to get by.  So many people are watching the time tick by, day in and day out.

Watch this video to learn how to boost employee engagement through defining your team culture.

That is part of why I started my business in the first place.  I think it’s horrible that we spend so much time working in jobs that we aren’t engaged in.  I certainly don’t want my kids to think that they should just “get a job” and go through the motions.  Blech.


It’s up to the leader to boost engagement.

It is on us, the leaders, to boost employee engagement.  It is not something we can sit back and hope our team finds it within themselves to create a culture of engagement.  We have to set the tone.  We have a culture on our team regardless if we do anything about it or not, so why not make it what we want it to be?


Make a decision.

You do not have to have ping pong and pizza all the time to have an engaged team.  But you do need to make a decision about what the culture is.  One way to look at it is by deciding what is not acceptable or considered toxic for your team.


One leader I was working with had a team member who constantly complained.  It was bringing down the whole team and was becoming contagious.  So I asked the leader to decide what was acceptable or not.  If it is not acceptable to complain without a solution every day, take a stand.


Sometimes that disengaged employee might have to find an opportunity elsewhere.  But, I have seen it time and time again where that person leaves, and everyone else’s engagement raises.  Because you, the leader, made a decision and stood behind it for the benefit of the culture.


Your Full Throttle Leadership tip for today: 


Decide on the culture you want, and act accordingly.

Take your leadership full throttle by deciding how you want the culture of your team to really be.  Take a stand, and watch the engagement on your team rise.


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