The Car Was Totaled – Emotional Intelligence Part 2

Car Wreck Emotional Intelligence

An update on this original post dated December 5, 2011.

I’ve been working a lot with others on Emotional Intelligence.  This is one of my favorite stories to tell.  Probably because I was extremely proud of how far my husband and I had come with our Emotional Intelligence when it comes to dealing with our teenager.  (A great time to take work home with you, eh?)

Currently, we are working to help Andrew buy a new used car.  We decided that this time we will split the cost, and he will pay for the insurance.  Andrew has learned a lot over the last 6 months, and we have made sure that he has gotten a lot more practice driving.  It is great to watch Andrew’s Emotional Intelligence grow as well!

Please read the article below to refresh your memory, and see how you can enhance your Emotional Intelligence today!

Last Monday we got the dreaded call.

The call no parent of a teenager ever wants.

Full of tears and panic “I just got in an accident!”

Everyone is ok.  Except the cars.

My stepson, Andrew, unfortunately has lost the car we provided, bruised his pride, and hampered his freedom.  He got distracted for a split second while driving to school, and hit the car in front of him…which hit the car in front of them.

As we picked up the pieces and figured out how to move forward, my husband and I stayed pretty calm.  As I made the calls to friends and family, to keep them in the loop, I heard over and over again how well I was handling it.  I told them, that’s the power of exercising Emotional Intelligence!

We were able to really see the situation for what it was.  That is the first step in Emotional Intelligence.  When you see the reality of the situation, you are self-aware.  If you put a spin on the situation and give it more power than it deserves, it will hold you back instead of guiding you to move forward.

The reality was this for us:

  • Nobody was hurt.
  • We did not buy a brand new car for a brand new driver.
  • As much as we wanted the car to last forever, we knew it wouldn’t.
  • We wanted a tough lesson to happen while Andrew was still under our roof so we could guide him through it.  This was his 1st accident involving others, and he was not on his way to work in his 20s  or 30s and have a potential loss of income.
  • Things are just things and can be replaced.
  • We still have our cars and can still get to where we need to go.  He drove an extra car not a necessary car.
  • We have insurance.
  • We have the ability and capacity to get through this setback.
  • We have an amazing support network.

Knowing the reality of the situation, we were able to stay calm and focused.  Without it, we would have been the frantic mess people expected us to be.  We have picked up the pieces figuratively and literally (they are in our garage) and moved forward.

Do you feel like you are on auto-pilot?  Or are you really in-tune with reality?  Funny thing is, as soon as I ask you that question, you will automatically make a shift in the right direction.  How cool is that?  Start gaining focus and you will start exercising your Emotional Intelligence.  Exercising Emotional Intelligence will drastically increase your level of success!

Try to ask yourself more often…am I living in reality?  Please comment below and share your thoughts!





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