Communication Causing Conflict

Today I want to hit 2 hot topics with one video, communication and conflict, because I caught myself falling into this trap last week.  Have you ever emailed someone and included everything they possibly could have needed in that email, only to have them respond with “great, send me the date…or time…or when was this again?”

It happened to me last week a few different times from a few different people.  Maybe there was a full moon or something?  All I wanted to do was ask if the scroll function on their phone or laptop was not working anymore.  Or worse send back something that started with “As I stated in my previous email….” but I caught myself because that really would not help.  Instead I had to think about the communication as an opportunity and not as a conflict.

Watch this video to avoid communication causing conflict.

What’s the goal of communicating?

When we are communicating, especially as leaders, we always have to be thinking of the end goal in mind.  Is the end goal of the communication to make sure the other person knew I already gave them that information and embarrass them?  No, the end goal was to have a productive meeting on a date that worked with both of our schedules.

What else is going on?

It is easy to get frustrated when someone asks you for something you already gave them, I get that, but as a leader it’s a good opportunity to stop and look into what else is going on.  Is your employee overwhelmed and doesn’t even have time to scroll through the thread of emails?  Is the person you are communicating with just agreeing with you without being sure of all the facts?  Are you not being as clear as you think you are in your communication?  Sometimes taking a step back and looking at the big picture will give you great insight to other issues you need to be aware of.

It’s not personal.

Everybody is spread too thin these days.  We all know that.  As a leader, make sure that you are not taking situations like these personal.  Bob is probably not out to sabotage your business.  Mary is probably not secretly trying to make you work harder.  What you can do for Bob, Mary, or anyone else you are working with is to be sure that they realize how their communication is coming across so they have a chance to adjust.

Your Full Throttle Leadership tip for today: 

Communicate with others as you would like to be communicated with. 



I can almost guarantee, whether I like it or not, that I have done this to someone else in my lifetime.  My goal now is that I am staying focused in my communications and try to not let it happen too often.  As the leader, lead by example and communicate with others as you would like to be communicated with.

Many conflicts can be avoided the more clear we are with our communication.  Take your leadership full throttle by staying focused while you communicate and look for the opportunities when communication does not go as expected.


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