Connecting To Your Team

Today’s video is going to be short and powerful.

Connecting to your team members is critical to overall team success.  But so many times we make it harder than it needs to be.


Watch the video for one quick way to connect to your team today.


Ask for ideas and actually implement them. Sounds easy, but often gets handled poorly.

Let’s say you had a great brainstorming session with your team. Everyone is pumped about how a new project, new role, etc. is going to go. Then nothing changes. Not good.

Take time to actually implement the ideas!

It is easy to get busy and forget about the ideas that were shared.  As the leader, it is your job to remember the ideas and find ways to implement them into the project.  This goes a long way for people feeling heard AND valued on your team.

Share Why Not.

When I worked in technology I would get frustrated when people would say something couldn’t be done or it wasn’t possible.  Well, anything is possible with enough time, money, and resources.  When you are leading your team, share with them why the idea cannot play out the way they had suggested.  That sharing will also help them feel heard AND valued on your team.


Your Full Throttle Leadership tip for today: 


People want to feel heard and valued on your team. 

When we feel really connected to our leaders and teammates, we put in our very best effort.  Take your leadership full throttle, and create a great connection with your team by allowing them to feel heard and valued with this simple tip.



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