Eight Ways To Deal With A Micromanager At Work

Excerpt From Forbes.com

When your boss doesn’t trust you to make even the smallest of decisions, it’s nearly impossible to stay motivated and engaged.

If this sounds like a familiar experience, and you’re considering quitting your job because of it, first try to understand why your boss is micromanaging you. Is it really because you’re too inexperienced to make certain decisions, or is it because your boss is inexperienced or uncertain in her own role? If it’s the latter, there are solutions worth trying before you turn in your notice.

Objectively evaluating your performance, talking with your boss, and proving you don’t need micromanagement are just some of the ways you can work the situation out.

Click on the link below to read how myself and seven other coaches from Forbes Coaches Council offer our advice for handling micromanagement on the job.

Eight Ways To Deal With A Micromanager At Work



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