Getting Help

Today I want to answer one of the questions that has come in from you! Thanks so much for sharing, I really want each of these videos to be actionable for you.

Today’s Question:

As a leader, I am often challenged with the situation of knowing when to get help for myself as well as for those that I am trying to lead. At times, you discover that you are limited in what you can do, i.e. lacking skill set, time, knowledge or know how.

You may also discover that others you are trying to lead have this same problem but they may not directly bring it to your attention. By the time you recognize the problem it may be too late to correct the situation.

Watch this video for a simple way to ensure you and your employees are getting help when you need it.

Clear Expectations

For this question, I want you to start with the basics and get down to what the expectations are for the particular project or task, and for the person involved. Note, those might be two different views, they might be the same.

If it’s for you, what’s expected? Do you have all the resources you need? What potential blocks do you see? What’s missing?

The same goes for your employee. Ask that they explain to you what the expectations are. Listen for clues that there might be something they need help on. Ask the same questions you ask yourself. Do you have all the resources you need? What potential blocks do you see? What’s missing?

What’s next?

After the expectations are clear, and you are comfortable with everyone being on the same page ask what the very next step is and when it will be done by? This is a GTD strategy that really helps leaders find out if they need to step in and coach or course correct.

You can try it on yourself first. Thinking of the task or project at hand, usually we think a little too big or vague. But when thinking about what the next step is AND articulating it instead of saying “work on Project X” will help you find potential gaps.

Your Full Throttle Leadership tip for today:


Ensure expectations are clear, so you can know when to get help.

Take your leadership full throttle by taking the time to make sure you are clear about the expectations for your employees on any given task. As you both are more clear, opportunities to help, coach, and lead will become more obvious.


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