Have You Connected With Yourself Lately?

I do a lot of talking about how to connect with others to succeed.  But ultimately, the most important person for you to connect with to be successful is yourself.  When was the last time you sat down and had a heart to heart with yourself?  If you’re like most of us, it was around New Year’s Eve.

It’s easy to get excited about goal setting, new beginnings, where you are headed, and all that fun stuff when the new year comes.  Well, it’s now March.  I know, I can’t believe it either.  But it’s a great time to stop and check in with yourself.

How are those goals coming along?

Did you reach any of them yet?

Haven’t gotten around to setting them for 2012?

Did you forget what they were?

Slip back into old routines again and don’t feel like you are making any real changes?

Don’t stress!

It’s ok if you have gotten off track a bit.  I’m here to help you remember to get back on track.  I know you are busy, and work has to get done.  But the most successful people make sure that they not only work on “work”, but they work on their future.

Today I’d like you to take 5-10 minutes to connect with yourself and do some goal setting.  Here is your assignment:

1.  What are your 3 big goals for the year?

2.  What have you done to work toward each one so far? (Pat yourself on the back)

3.  What are you doing this month to work toward each goal?

4.  Make sure your goals align with your priorities.  See this article for more help.


So why the picture of a Rock Star when I’m talking about your goals?

I spent New Year’s Eve with Bret Michaels, my hubby, and some great friends.  Bret is one guy who is connected to who he is and how he wants to leave an imprint on the world.  Not only a great musician, he is actively involved in campaigns he deems worthy and is very supportive of kids’ health. Having several health scares, he was asked about plans to slow down, and I’d like to share his response with you.

“I’ve been like this my whole life. With juvenile diabetes you have to be very health-conscious. At the same time, it’s in my blood to live life to your fullest. I work hard and play hard. So when all this happened with the brain hemorrhage and everything, I think most people thought I’d slow down. To me, it was eye opening that life can be over even sooner than I imagined, and to that my heart tells me to do all the things I can before I can’t. I’m out touring pretty hard and filming TV shows, and I’m also flying home to see my family more than ever. So, yes, I am spending more time with my family than ever but I’m also making sure I leave no stone unturned and making every minute count.”

If you could just invest this tiny amount of time with yourself, FOR yourself, it will help you be successful!



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