How to Lead Your Team

How to lead your team is a pretty bold statement, I realize, but I wanted to get you thinking about how you lead your team. One of the biggest mistakes I see, and am guilty of myself is just diving in and trying to lead without really thinking about where you are leading anyone to.

Watch this video to learn how you can lead your team so they will follow you.

Your team cannot follow you if they don’t know where you are headed.

When I ask leaders I’m working with about missions or visions, I usually get a lot of “oh yeah we have that, somewhere” or “well we all know what we are here for” or “the goal is to make money.” But that doesn’t really help your team see the big picture.

Just in case you thought it was a longevity thing, I’ve seen this in teams that are a few years old, all the way up to teams that have been around for many many years. More importantly, though, I’ve seen the damage it can do to a team. Your team really wants to know where they are headed, and not knowing how they fit in to the big picture can be very stressful.

Paint the picture

There are a lot of great exercises that you can do to craft amazing missions or crystal clear vision statements. And it can be extremely eye-opening for your team if you sit down and work on it together.

However, I don’t want you to procrastinate on this idea. For today, when tackle a task, attend a meeting, work on moving a project forward spend a few minutes beforehand thinking of the end goal, paint yourself a picture of what you are working on and how it fits in the future.

Ask yourself:

  • What is the purpose of this task?
  • How does this project help us move in the direction we need to for the future?
  • How will this help us be successful?

Your Full Throttle Leadership tip for today:


You have to know where you are headed to lead a team.

Take your leadership full throttle by taking the time to paint the picture of how the work you are asking your team to do today fits in with being successful in the future. Let your team know where they are following you to.



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