How to Stop Micromanaging

When I was little I dreamed of being a micromanager…said no one, ever.  Micromanaging does get a really bad rap, yet when we move into leadership positions it’s like there is a beacon calling us to start micromanaging.

Watch this video to learn how to stop micromanaging your team.

Micromanaging comes from the desire to succeed.

As leaders, there is a lot on our plates to ensure everything goes right, that the whole team is happy, engaged, and successful.  It’s a tremendous responsibility.  If something falls through the crack, it falls back on us, right?

Most micromanagers I have met, got that way because they want to be successful.  And the easiest way to be successful is to do everything themselves.  Right?  Wrong.  We know that, but time and time again I hear that it’s just easier to do it all myself.  Be very careful, if you do it all yourself, you no longer need a team.  If you no longer need a team, why are you in the role you are in?

What does success look like?

Have you ever stepped back and looked at what it means for you to be successful as the leader?  I was working with a group that was implementing a new Customer Service initiative.  When we were diving into how to hold each other accountable for the initiatives it was very easy to be critical of the staff and say that the leaders were just going to lead by example.  But how would the CEO know if his leadership team was successful at leading their teams toward great Customer Service?

Turning it around and defining what success looks like in your leadership role will help you find areas where you are falling into the micromanaging trap.  I often find that I start to micromanage when I make a lot of assumptions about the other person’s understanding and then when things don’t go as I expected, I start scrambling for control.

What does a leader in your position really need to do?  What are your deliverables?  Who do you report to?  What do they really expect from you?  What does it really take to get to the desired results?


Your Full Throttle Leadership tip for today: 


Stop micromanaging by defining what it takes for you to be successful as a leader. 

Take your leadership full throttle by really thinking through what it takes for you to be successful as a leader.  If you aren’t sure, ask.  Ask those you work with and for.  The more you are clear on that, the easier it will be to stay away from the micromanaging trap.


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