Leaders Who Can’t Lead

In my last video I shared how it is always so fun to get to talking with people about the work I do with my clients.  Somebody always pipes in with “the problem is that people get promoted into supervisor, manager, boss, etc. and they have no idea what they are doing.”

Yes.  Absolutely.  Been managed by those.  Been that boss.

Watch this video to find out what can you do about having leaders who can’t lead.

Break the Cycle

Don’t do it.  Do not look at your best IT troubleshooter, sales person, or producer and promote them to be a manager unless they actually have the people skills and the desire to lead.

Challenge the Norm

When I’m working with my clients, sometimes I will get into discussions about what growth opportunities there are, and what the employees would like to see.  Almost always people will say they want to manage their own area.

Challenge that.  Ask them why they want to do that.  More often than not, they don’t really know, that’s just what they think they are supposed to want next.

Provide other Growth

A lot of the people I have worked with do not actually want to lead people.  What they would really like to do is excel at their craft.  So if they are your best anyway, why not have them capitalize on that skill? Go deeper, learn more, create efficiencies, expand opportunities, create ownership of processes, and so on.

What about the money?

Many studies have been done to prove it’s not always about the money.  When it comes down to it, the more important we feel our job is to the success of the team, the more engaged we are.  Focus on your culture and each individual’s growth and the money will not be an issue.

Your Full Throttle Leadership tip for today:


Don’t promote people into leadership because you want to reward them. 

Unless it’s the right path for them, find another way to reward your star employees.  Take your leadership full throttle by taking a stand and not just doing something because that’s the way it has always been.


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