Leading Through Mistakes

It is always so fun to get to chatting with people about what I get to do with my clients.  Inevitably someone will share how “the problem is that people get promoted into supervisor, manager, boss, etc. and they have no idea what they are doing.”

Yes.  Absolutely.  Been managed by those.  Been that boss.

So what do you do if that’s you?

Watch this video to learn how to lead your team even though you might make mistakes.


Build Trust

Work on building your trust with your team.  Even though you aren’t perfect, do your best and be trustworthy.  Your team trusting you is the foundation for everything else.


Get Help

Besides watching these awesome videos, which is always a great idea, get out there and learn.  There are a ton of great books, videos, podcasts, and so on that can help.  Find out in your organization who has lead others successfully and ask them for help!



Most of us take on jobs that we know we can do, but we haven’t done yet because we are willing to try.  The same goes with actually leading your team.  Yes, your team may point out your mistakes, but try to lead.  Your team is worse off if you are just another member of the team and you are not trying to lead.



So let’s say you have a meeting that flopped.  Or a project that went way different than you thought.  Share that with your team.


Your Full Throttle Leadership tip for today:


Lead by example by sharing your mistakes. 

So many leaders tell me that they don’t want perfection, they just want to know when something doesn’t go as planned as soon as possible so they can adjust.  Take your leadership full throttle by leading by example and sharing your mistakes with your team as soon as you can.  You are the picture of success, and if that’s how successful people do it, they will to.


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