Lost Focus

 Lost Focus

Have you lost your focus?


Some days it is hard to figure out what to do first. You have a To Do list, you know what your priorities are, motivation isn’t the issue, it’s just… well…? It really seems like you just lost focus for a day. Not that you aren’t a focused person, but today, for some reason you cannot work on what you know needs to be done.

What do you do?

Here is a list of activities that can help you regain your focus and turn it into a productive day:

1. Call someone.
2. Clean off your desk.
3. Rearrange your office.
4. Go for a walk.
5. Workout.
6. Look at Pinterest (but set your timer).
7. Eat something new.
8. Read a book or magazine.
9. Brainstorm with others.
10. Do something easy so you can cross it off your list.

Try one or a few of these until you get inspired to do the work that needs to be done.

Friday was a day like that for me. My list was long and I knew what I had to get done. However, a lot of it required content creation, and you really have to be “in the mood” for that. Otherwise you just feel like you are going through the motions. So I puttered around a little bit on smaller tasks, but was just feeling blah.

Here’s what I did to get out of my funk:

  • Called a business colleague and worked on some planning we had going on. Got some great ideas and motivation to get back to work on my other tasks.
  • Rearranged my office a little and cleaned my desk up from a week’s worth of being busy.
  • Ate some spicy hot wings. Yum!

All of these took place within about an hour. My ideas for content were rolling faster than I could keep up with (so I wrote everything down for the next time I need ideas). I was able to happily engage with my clients and really get some meaty work done. Then I was able have a super productive day and felt awesome about it! My lost focus funk was over!

The next time you feel like you are in a funk or have lost focus. Give one of these a try! Do you have any other tricks that work for you? I’d love to add them to my list!  Just enter them in the comments below…



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