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What works for big business, may not work in your small business.

What works in the business down the road, may not work for your business.

What works in a textbook, may not work for you.


One thing is the same everywhere…

the more you step up as a leader and focus on the individuals on your team,

the better the team will perform.

 I can help you see the people in your organization in a unique way that will help you bridge the gap from old and new, then and now, getting by and enjoying success.

When I work with my clients, I strive to really get to know your unique business and what defines success for you.  Once I have a sense of what makes you shine, I help you build a voice for your leadership that reflects it.

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THE RIDE : From employee, to manager, to director, to entrepreneur

My background is IT, and no, I don’t want to fix your computer.  I love, love, love technology, just not fixing it for other people anymore.  I started my career working in large corporations and universities as a Network Engineer. I was promoted to management, and moved up to Assistant Director of Technology.

Over the course of my career, I realized that people were my passion, no matter how cool the technology was that I got to work with. I began to focus my efforts on developing not only my own people skills but of others around me as well.

 Shifting Gears

The moment when I realized something needed to change in my own leadership style was when I was in my first manager role, sitting in my office and got a phone call from a colleague. My colleague was extremely upset. She shared that she had just had her annual performance review and felt beat up and worthless.  Ouch.

The colleague also shared that she was barely recognized for the things she was good at, and marked down for things that just weren’t in her nature.

Then she said the words that changed my leadership style forever “why can’t they just accept me for who I am? I’m 35 years old, I’m not going to change.”

Now I knew this was a good employee, a hard worker, someone I would want on my team.

And I realized….I had done the same thing to my own employees.

I too had tried to help them grow into the perfect textbook employees and ignored the value of everything they brought to the table.

From then on it was different. I began to work with the individuals to make a stronger team. Honoring their gifts and adjusting where needed for their faults (hey we all have them, that’s why there’s a team!).

The more I focused on each of them, the more engaged they were, the more deadlines were met, the more expectations were exceeded, the happier the whole team was, and the more successful we were – together.

Then, other managers started to notice, and started asking how they could have a team like that.  Besides just trying to hire my team members!

And, other employees noticed and wanted to join our team!

Each role I had from then on, was handled from a “don’t hold back,” people-focused approach.

ShoopTC was created because I can’t stand the fact that so many people are unhappy when they go to work.  We all work (or think about work) at least 40 hours a week.  You should not be unhappy that whole time.  And you don’t have to.

I have found that people are either unhappy with the WHAT or the WHO at work.  While I can’t help that much with the WHAT, I certainly can help with the WHO. It is my belief that everyone has an innate desire to do well, and somehow people lose track of that along the way. It is this belief that drives me to reach out and impact others with my people-focused Full Throttle Leadership.

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