Setting Expectations In Summer

This was a very busy week with travel, camps, lots of rain, and other schedule changes.  I know I’m not the only one who has to deal with the impact of summer on my business and team.  Work still needs to get done, and clients still need to be taken care of regardless of the time of year, but hectic schedules can be problematic if not handled well.


Watch today’s video to get you thinking about setting expectations in summer.

Since it was so crazy this week, I just grabbed my phone and snapped a quick video.  Note to self:  next time turn the phone sideways.  But hey, we all have work to get done even though it’s summer.  What would you like your team to do to ensure work is getting done?  What are your expectations of them?  Do you really sit down and think about it, or just let summer happen and hope you can recoup in the fall?

When I worked in the University setting, the fiscal year rolled over in the summer.  So while it seemed like we wouldn’t be that busy in the summer, we were actually swamped with budgets, planning, and reviews.  Throw in some day camps and vacations, and it could be a disaster!

Full Throttle Leadership Tip:


Set expectations, clearly, before the busy season.

Take your leadership full throttle by not letting things happen to you, but thinking them through beforehand!



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