The Shoop Shift Awards: Recognizing Great Leaders with Great People Skills

When leaders focus on the people on their team as individuals, the whole team succeeds. With today’s competitive market it is no longer about cutting costs to get ahead, it is about being really connected to those we work with and for. The most successful organizations are the ones that realize that the vibe and the “how we roll” as a team is what gives them the competitive edge. To do that, they have great leaders with great people skills. The Shoop Shift Awards recognize leaders that are making a difference in their organization through exemplary people skills.

Every day there are many stories of leaders making a real impact in their business, and more importantly with the individuals in their teams by focusing on the people they work with.  The Shoop Shift Awards are designed to honor those leaders who understand that people are key, people are the competitive edge, people are the why, and people are the how.

Who do you know that is a Great Leader with Great People Skills?

There is an award given to each of the six areas: Clarity, Connection, Communication, Coaching, Conflict, Culture.

  • CLARITY – When leaders are clear on who they are and where they are going, it is easier to follow them. Leaders who excel in clarity use mission and vision to lead their team.
  • CONNECTION – When leaders are connected with their teams, trust, engagement, and productivity are high. Leaders who excel in connection create great relationships with their team.
  • COMMUNICATION – When leaders clearly and consistently communicate with their teams, there is less confusion, stress, and conflicts. Leaders who excel at communication share as much information as possible for the team to succeed.
  • COACHING – When leaders focus on development instead of discipline, employees feel more valued, satisfied with their jobs, and put in a greater effort. Leaders who excel at coaching find ways to help individuals boost their potential and performance.
  • CONFLICT – When leaders manage conflicts well, there is greater problem solving, innovation, and success. Leaders who excel at conflict focus on finding ways to learn and grow from difficult situations.
  • CULTURE – When leaders focus on a great culture, engagement, loyalty, and productivity peak. Leaders who excel at culture are intentional about creating a place that people are proud and happy to work at.

The link to nominate a leader can be found at .  Nominations open December 1, 2014 and close on December 15, 2014.  Please share this with anyone you think might know a leader who deserves to be nominated.


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