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When leaders focus on the people on their team as individuals, the whole team succeeds. With today’s competitive market it is no longer about cutting costs to get ahead, it is about being really connected to those we work with and for.

The most successful organizations are the ones that realize that the vibe and the “how we roll” as a team is what gives them the competitive edge.

The Shoop Shift will help you discover how to bridge the gaps in your team so that you can go beyond the basics and mechanics of managing a team, to truly leading and influencing people to get stuff done.


Gear 1: Clarity

When leaders are clear on who they are and where they are going, it is easier to follow them. Leaders who excel in clarity use mission and vision to lead their team.

• How to ensure the strength of the organization regardless of who is on the team.
• The daily activities needed to ensure the culture of the organization is a true reflection of the vision.
• How to address and improve awareness and understanding of their role in employee engagement and goal achievement.

Gear 2: Connection

When leaders are connected with their teams, trust, engagement, and productivity are high. Leaders who excel in connection create great relationships with their team.

• How to put aside personal agendas to achieve team unity and cohesion.
• The fastest ways to increase trust and collaboration.
• The best ways to leverage the lead by example skillset and make it work effectively within your organization.

Gear 3: Communication

When leaders clearly and consistently communicate with their teams, there is less confusion, stress, and conflicts. Leaders who excel at communication share as much information as possible for the team to succeed.

• 3 easy ways to focus on stepping up and having clear communication within the team.
• How to stay away from the micromanaging trap.
• How to set expectations and hold individuals accountable for reaching them.

Gear 4: Coaching

When leaders focus on development instead of discipline, employees feel more valued, satisfied with their jobs, and put in a greater effort. Leaders who excel at coaching find ways to help individuals boost their potential and performance.

• Simple steps to keep focused and on track with goals.
• How to avoid worrying about if work is getting done.
• The most effective way to change current thinking to advance problem solving.

Gear 5: Conflict

When leaders manage conflicts well, there is greater problem solving, innovation, and success. Leaders who excel at conflict focus on finding ways to learn and grow from difficult situations.

• How to put aside personal agendas to achieve team unity and cohesion.
• How to recognize and repair or put an end to behaviors that disrupt team effectiveness.
• How to get conflict out in the open and move beyond it without resentment.

Gear 6: Culture

When leaders focus on a great culture, engagement, loyalty, and productivity peak. Leaders who excel at culture are intentional about creating a place that people are proud and happy to work at.

• How to gain cooperation, involvement, and engagement in the team.
• How to address and improve awareness and understanding of their role in employee engagement and goal achievement.
• Create an action plan to address current gaps in individual performance.



Each organization is unique.

Coaching and leadership development packages are tailored to your organizations need and desired results. Emilie is a master at customizing your program to maximize your results and help you take your leadership full throttle!

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