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Her personal charisma and presence make audiences feel a profound connection. She redefines speaking engagements as dynamic community-building dialogues that move organizations to action. Her presentations are frequently the highest-rated sessions at conferences—and for good reason: she not only engages audiences, she empowers them with practical tools, tips, and resources to start taking action immediately.

Emilie strongly believes in people-focused leadership. She advocates eliminating status-quo management to make more room for high engagement, culture building leadership. She enables organizations to identify the rules and norms that suffocate great cultures, and replace them with simple but powerful behavior shifts that set change into motion.

Emilie has spoken at organizations and conferences with audience sizes ranging from 20 – 500 including:

  • McLean County Chamber of Commerce EDUCate
  • Women In Leadership
  • National Association of Women Business Owners
  • Insurance Accounting and Systems Association
  • Professional Women of McLean County
  • Black Business Association
  • American Payroll Association
  • Southeastern IL Community Foundation
  • Illinois Network of Court Appointed Special Advocates
  • Society of Government Meeting Professionals
  • Center for Emerging Entrepreneurs
  • Professional Referral Group


Emilie has authored 100s of articles on the topics of leadership, teamwork, trust, communication, conflict resolution, Emotional Intelligence, culture, professional development, and employee engagement. She works to tailor each presentation to the needs of her specific audience.


THE SHOOP SHIFT:  6 Gears to Rev Up Your Culture, Team and Leadership

 This powerful program will teach you how to master and implement each of the 6 Gears to Rev Up Your Culture, Team, and Leadership. 

  • Gear 1: Clarity – Use Mission and Vision to Lead
  • Gear 2: Connection – Successful Team Building
  • Gear 3: Communication – Communication Skills that Work
  • Gear 4: Coaching – High Performance Employees 
  • Gear 5: Conflict – Productive Conflicts 
  • Gear 6: Culture – Full Team and Employee Engagement

Click here to learn more about what each of the 6 gears entail.


The Emotionally Intelligent Team: 5 Fast Ways to Rev Up Your EI

“All learning has an emotional base.” ~Plato Five fast ways to boost your EI so you can avoid assumptions, eliminate conflicts, and succeed at work.

This powerful session will teach you:

  • Learn the value of Emotional Intelligence at work and how it will help you succeed.
  • How to stop missing opportunities to resolve or eliminate conflicts.
  • Apply Emotional Intelligence to build trust in your team.
  • Learn how to use Emotional Intelligence to improve communication.
  • The best way to get what you want out of the situation you are in.

COACHING TO BOOST PERFORMANCE: How to create your High Performance Team

With the economic pullback much has changed in the field of supervision and management. Changes in strategy and fundamental shifts in processes and culture are needed to keep organizations afloat. Most people do not like change! Coaching is the art and science of facilitating positive change, which makes it a critical skill for leaders at all levels today. Individual coaching can be one of the best investments in building and engaging employees.

As an attendee of this session you will learn:

  • How to make coaching conversations meaningful.
  • How to use the process of making rounds, much like a doctor, to uncover issues and needs to help create a better team.
  • What you can do as a supervisor to provide a meaningful and rewarding development opportunity for your employees.
  • Simple steps to keep focused and on track with goals.
  • How to avoid worrying about if work is getting done.
  • The most effective way to change current thinking to advance problem solving.

SMOOTH RIDE: 5 Strategies for Leading a Strong & Motivated Team with Less Conflict

The average manager spends 35% of their time dealing with workplace conflicts. How much time are you spending? Are you resolving or avoiding? Are you losing good people over the tension and drama? Conflict itself is not all bad, if handled well.
In this engaging strategy packed session you will learn:

  • The number one reason why conflicts happen, and how to avoid it.
  • How to earn respect without being a bully (even if you are a brand new leader).
  • The 4 step process as a leader to take control of a conflict.
  • How to resolve a conflict in your team without involving upper management.
  • The 3 keys to resolving and preventing workplace drama.
  • How to get what you really want out of the situation, without anyone losing.
  • The best way to coach your team to resolve conflict on their own.

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Booking Emilie

She is in high-demand, speaking several times a month to various groups. To check Emilie’s availability to speak for your event or for your organization, email her assistant at info@shooptc.com.

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