The Summer of….

As the weather stabilizes and is nice and warm every day, things start to change. The mood in the office tends to be a little lighter. Brighter clothes come out. Vacation plans go into full swing. Baseball leagues start. High school football camps start. Every sport for the kiddos has a camp. Oh and then there is Vacation Bible School, backyard parties and BBQs on the weekends. Don’t forget trips to the pool as much as possible.

Hmm…when and where is the work getting done?

Whether you have a team of 2 or 20, the summer months can pose a problem in productivity. That got me wondering what worries you the most about getting work done in the summer?

Let’s fast forward to September/October. When you look back at the summer of 2012, what would you like to have accomplished? What would you like this to be the summer of?

The summer of Self!

Would you like to be able to look back and say “Wow, I have really grown this summer. People trust me and want to get work done for me with very little effort on my part.”

The summer of Squad!

Or, would you like to be able to look back at the summer and say “Amazing. My team and I are working together better than ever, even with all the vacations and crazy schedules!”

The summer of Shift!

Or…how about looking back and being able to say “That was so cool. We were able to have the most creative and innovative ideas as a team this summer.”


Chime in!  I want to know what kind of summer you want…and what worries you!  Either comment below, or let me know on Facebook!



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