Call in Sick Excuses

It has been a rough couple of weeks here at the Shoop house. Between my husband’s ankle surgery and my kindergartner catching a tummy bug, we have had our fair share of sick days. Now, I’m gearing up to have my gallbladder removed tomorrow. Remember when the phone would ring a lot and we’d say “Grand Central [...]

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Goal to do One Thing Better

As part of the Professional Women of McLean County, we put on an annual workshop as an educational event for attendees, and a fundraiser for scholarships. This year’s theme was Rising Above the Status Quo. It was an amazing discussion. One tip that jumped out at me was setting a goal to do one thing [...]

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What are you teaching your employees?

As we get into senior year with Andrew, we have been talking more and more about what we want him to get out of going to college. He knows he wants to go, and has a rough idea of what for, but doesn’t have it all planned out. I am of the mindset that you [...]

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